Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Wed 5.3.08, Afternoon

Michal S. , Tzipi Z.


Meitar crossing – empty

Highway 60

While driving the road we see 4 military jeeps patrolling the area. 
Dura- El-Fawar crossing – Open to pedestrians, otherwise blocked.
Sheep Crossing – No army.

13:15: Military jeep is near the Disputed House. No one passing through the Pharmacy Checkpoint. More than the usual number of soldiers is seen on the streets.
Tarpat Ceckpoint – 2 soldiers, one says it is quiet today. Young children returning from school, one child about 7 who knows the rules takes out his metal pencil box before going through the metal detector. The crossing is relatively slow. The soldiers see that the Palestinians go through one at a time. There is only one passage for both in and out, so when people are waiting to move in one direction, the other is closed.
Old man with a donkey loaded down with products and gas containers waits about 10 minutes, so that one of the soldiers will allow him to pass. Since there are only 2 soldiers, the line is growing longer.  In order the get the donkey through the checkpoint, the man has to unload the beast, go through, and load him up again on the other side.

13:40 – we walk by foot up the steep path to Tel Rumeida, a path only open to Israelis.On the way we see a meter-wide gap in the wall that separate H1 from H2, through which anyone can easily pass.
In Tel Rumeida checkpoint, older women’s bags are checked, but not those of children. On the way to the Patriarch Cave we went into the Abraham-Avinu Neighborhood to see the house surrounded by a wall, which looks like the separation wall. The wall, covered with graffiti, like “Death to the Arabs” is high and solid, so it is impossible to see that there is a residential building behind it.
At the Patriarch’s Cave checkpoint no one is delayed.

Route 317 – the entrance to Yatta which was closed last week is now open.
Zif Junction – open

, still no workers are passing through (time is 15:20).