'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Azzun, Qalqiliya, Wed 26.3.08, Morning

Sara K., Rina Ts. (reporting) Translation: Galia S.


At Qalqiliya checkpoint there is a handcuffed Palestinian.
The police ambush drivers, giving unjustified tickets.


07:15 – A soldier opens the gate for us. An old Palestinian asks to pass "just to turn on a tap", as he says. The soldier promises us to ask his superior for permission.

Ar-Ras checkpoint (Farm 8)

07:20 – Cars that arrives from the direction of Qalqiliya are not checked. Only few vehicles come from the direction of Tulkarm. The checks are brief. Pedestrians heading Jubara pass, as does a horse-drawn cart.

Anabta (Einav)

07:55 – 08:05 – In contrast to what is usually going on here at this hour, today there are scarcely any vehicles. The checks are brief and on both sides there are no lines.


The main entrance to the village from road 55 is blocked, as it has been for the last two months, by earth ramparts and barbed wire. A few guys climb up the rampart in order to get to the road. There isn't any military vehicle. The western entrance to Azzun Atme is open. We have seen no blockade on the road parallel to highway 55.


11:10 – 11:30 – (On the way back from Beit Iba).
There are no lines and the vehicles pass almost without any delay. A handcuffed man sits on the ground nearby. According to the soldiers, the man is wanted and he is waiting for somebody from the General Security Services to come and get him. We were prevented from getting details from him.

On our way out of the checkpoint, Nadim stops for a minute to get buckled up, because he has seen a policeman lurking in hope for prey on the side of the road. The policeman gives him a ticket for disturbing the traffic.