Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Wed 13.2.08, Morning

Edna K, Neomi L (reporting)

Translation: Ruth F.


A cold, rainy, usual day without any special events, so simple, so depressing..

7:00 Za'tara/Tapuah junction

Three inspection posts were manned but nevertheless the line was still long, with 15 vehicles from the north to the south. The inspections were slow, but it didn't seem like there were any problems that were out of the ordinary.  

There was segregation for people between the ages of 16 to 35 to the direction of Hebron.

7:40 Huwwara junction

The passage for both ways was open, there was little traffic, they were making preparations for arrival of "new" soldiers.
They knew nothing about segregation at Za'tara.
The checkpoint commander politly introduced himself.

8:00 Beit Furik

Few people were there, the vehicle line heading in grew longer. The distance between the vehicles waiting in line for inspection caused the procedure to be very slow.
A polite DCO representative came to us.

Half an hour later, while we were talking to a Palestinian, a Hammer arrived as part of it's checkpoint patrol.
A soldiers got off it, he noticed us and said that if we continue talking to the Palestinians he will call the police.. we kept talking.

After leaving the checkpoint we made a long trip to three villages in which we bought a large amount of oil and Tahini.

The lovely view at the villages, the visits in their homes, the heart warming greetings we receive in spit of the obvious poverty, all compose a different encounter with the "checkpoint people", an encounter that does us as much good as it does them.


On our way home we stopped at Huwwara. Everything was as "usual".