'Anata, Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Sun 23.3.08, Morning

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Avital T., Ada G. (reporting)

There is closureinfo-icon in the occupied territories. As a result there a thin flow of traffic. There are no traffic jams like on other ddays.

At 07:00 there is more traffic, but it is still flowing.

06:40 Anata checkpoint

There is thin traffic of vehicles, there are no traffic jams.

08:30 the container

Here too the traffic flows. Two buses with school girls on a school trip go through without any delay, and so are most of the vehicles.
From one taxi about ten youngsters were told to descend. We found out that they are pupils/students. When I asked why they are detained,  the BP soldier answered politely and directely - Their documents are being checked. And, indeed, they were returned to them pretty soon, and they went on their way, and so did we.