'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Qalqiliya, Wed 19.3.08, Morning

Edna K. Inbal R. Natanya translating.

 Nothing special happened and no lines and no unusual limitations of movement.

At Anabta the same thing. The one thing that continues to bother us is why cars with Israeli licenses can go into Tulkarm but not into Qalqiliya without a special permit. We asked the soldiers if we could go through by car and they said that only Israeli Arabs could do so. That is there is a difference between blood and blood and this should be a matter for the high court. But this could maybe put a stop to Israeli Arabs going through and nothing would be gained.

…the passage is very slow, almost like that of the Jordan valley and includes a very careful check also of the baggage compartment. And we would like to know why this is stricter than Anabta.