Reihan, Shaked, Sun 23.3.08, Morning

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Chana H., Yocheved G.
06:00 Reihan (Bartaa) Checkpoint
The women are coming out of the terminal to go to work in East Bartaa, as usual.
Eight trucks wait in line to be checked and to cross into the Seam Zone. The mobile kiosk is waiting for customers.
Our impression is that fewer people are crossing today, perhaps because of the Purim closureinfo-icon.
One Palestinian is sent back from the checkpoint, even though he has a pass to stay in the Seam Zone and a crossing permit. We asked Sharon, the security man, to check why people with permits are being denied passage even though their permits are valid, and now they have to get to the Salem DCO to draw new documents.

07:00 Shaked-Tura Checkpoint

The checkpoint is open. Even though we've heard complaints from people, it seems that traffic is flowing as usual. Schoolchildrenbig and small, passing with no checks. A flock of sheep goes through.

07:40 Reihan (Bartaa) Checkpoint

We returned to the checkpoint to see what had happened to the man who was turned back. After talking to Sharon, it appears that there is a problem with his fingerprints, and he has to go in any case to DCO Salem.
Till now four vehicles have been through the inspection and have continued to the Seam Zone. According to the drivers, passage only began at 07:30. Again there are eight loaded vehicles waiting to pass.
08:00 – seven cars wait to enter the Territories, and six wait to enter the Seam Zone.

08:15 Old Bartaa (agricultural) Checkpoint

Three tractors wait to cross from the West Bank into the Seam Zone. Two armoured vehicles and eight soldiers are on duty in this shift.
The first tractor doesn’t pass because its permit has expired. The elderly driver fumes – perhaps he can’t read.
The second goes through.
The third, with a water cart for irrigation, goes through, the driver being warned that he must return at 16:00, and mustn’t try to return earlier or with water remaining. What do they think he’s going to do?
08:30 – the gate is closed.