Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 19.3.08, Morning

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Ora, Yoska (driving) Rahel M. (reporting)

6:45 am  Bethelhem CP 300
There is a closureinfo-icon today so we see a trickle of people entering the CP.  One works with the Wakf, others at churches.  They say there is no line waiting at the entrance.
7:15 am  Al Nashash
One man approaches us about police matters.
8:15 am  Nebi Yunis
A 40 year old man who works as a bus driver tells us that he has been refused a magnetic card two times for no reason.  With his third application he was told that since he drives in the Hebron area he has no need for the card.  However, he does travel sometimes to Nablus.  He was told to get such an affidavit from the bus company and reapply.
8:45: am  DCO Etzion
A handful  of men coming and going.  A young man tells us he was caught three times in Jerusalem without a magnetic card.  Now the shabak has invited him to the DCO.  So he waits patiently.  No one that we speak to has matters with the police.