'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Tsafrira Z, Netta Golan (reporting)


Anin Checkpoint

14:55 Five tractors, about 20 adults, and three children (still on holiday because of the teachers’ strike) are all waiting. The soldiers do not arrive on time (15.00).  At 15:10 we call the liaison office, and the soldier says he will check.  At 15:20 he tells us that the soldiers are on their way.  At 15:25 a military vehicle passes through the checkpoint and doesn’t stop.


15:40 The soldiers arrive.  According to them there was “a total mess,” but we don’t understand them.  All the people who were waiting pass through the checkpoint immediately, except for one tractor with a punctured tire.  A Bedouin sergeant-major comes to help. Three of his comrades join in.  A solution is found by 16:00.


An Israeli police vehicle is standing on the way from the Anin checkpoint to the Um-Reichan turning. There had been an accident. Altogether, the traffic is heavier than usual today.


16.10 Tura-Shaked Checkpoint

A few people are passing to the Jordan Valley. No one passes in the direction of the Seam-Line Zone.


16.30 The Barta’a Reichan Checkpoint

Very many people are returning from their work at this time. Only two inspection stations are in operation, and from time to time there is pressure. Luckily, many of them work in Israel and don’t need to be inspected.  The two-toned ceramic flooring of the terminal is nearly completed.  “Checkpoint aesthetics”.



We leave a spick-and-span checkpoint.