Hamra (Beqaot)

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Revital S. and Rachela H. (reporting and photographer). Marcia L., translation




11:45, Bezel Checkpoint

We drove throughit.


Allon Highway

It is a very hot day. The area is still green and blooming, and the flocks are hcontentappy.

We didn’t know that two days before, the army destroyed and tore up tents at Parasiya and also in Khalat Khadr (Rina T., 29.02.201).  In the same area, the Allon Highway between the Rotem settlement and Ein-el Hilwah, we saw an airplane spraying.  We’re not sure as to what they were spraying. . .


Continuing on our way, the Allon Highway was quiet, with no soldiers. 

The settlement of Bekaot:  A new fence has been installed between the settlement and the highway.


Hamra Checkpoint, 12:10

Seven cars that waited on the East when we arrived passed immediately, without any inspection.


Two soldiers on the tower, two others at the station on the highway. They seem to be reserve soldiers. They didn’t approach us. Next to their post, a new, clean flag was waving.  The other flags (dirty and torn) have not been taken down.

A lot of traffic of minibuses and vans, carrying workers from the East and also from the North. 

A car with Israeli license plates arrived from the West (it is forbidden!!), and after a negotiations of a number of minutes, was allowed to pass.  It was a rented car.  Perhaps tourists?  In the meantime, seven cars were forced to wait.



Six cars from the East and from the North.  A row of cars from the West (and only one lane for traveling).


12:50  We left.