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Hertzlia A., Nina S. (reporting)


Hertzlia A., Nina S. (reporting)


"Everything is okay," they tell us, "the soldiers are all right." People are meek and submissive to their fate, and almost do not believe in a different possibility: just let the day pass and make it possible to go to work and earn a meager piece of bread. The ongoing oppression, the checkpoints and the prevention of free passage to their fields already seem all right, provided the soldiers are not abusive and arrive on time. Terrible.


15:50: Falamiya South, CP 935

The CP was opened on time,  passage was quick and relaxed. 39 men and 2 women crossed.

There were many tractors and traveling in them were people who had to get to Jayyus, about 4-5 kilometers away. And all around God's little acre, it is quiet, spring flowers are in bloom, and everything is so pastoral.


16:30: Falamiya North, CP 914


The gate was opened on time, all was quiet and calm, many fewer people waiting to pass than a week ago at the same time. But almost everyone smiles and says something. The main thing is to communicate. 36 men with tractors crossed, as well as a number of donkeys with saddles decorated with rugs. Beautiful. The gate was shut at 16.55.