Rutti Katz, Hana Aviram, Maya B.H. (translation)

05:55:  Those leaving Habla begin to gather around the closed CP. The soldiers are already there.

06:05: The Cp opens. A Palesitian man orders the queue.  Occasional shouting is heard from the queue. Document checks are conducted at the guard booth next to the exit to the nurseries. The workers approach five by five. Occasionally someone is told to stand aside and wait.  An argument between an elderly man and a soldier ends with the soldier’s waving his arm: "Yalla, go ahead". One young man is summoned back by a soldier, and joins a quintet. Another waits for an additional document, and the soldier calls to another to release him. The youth apporaches the soldier, who gives him back his ID.
Buses pass in both directions, with only adults on board.

07:36:  Only 10 people are still waiting. They stand in single file. The gate from Habla is closed.
07:42:  One youth is detained for a further check.  At 07:42 he is allowed to pass, and the CP shuts down.