Hanna Barag (reporting), Yehuda Shaul and Hari Kunzru ("Shovrim Shetika" – Silence Breakers); Translator: Hanna K.

I was asked by Shovrim Shetika to present our activity to one of the writers who has been invited to a writers convention organized by them. Towards 50 years of occupation articles written by these writers are due to appear in a book, which will be published mainly abroad.


04:30: All the windows were open and there was already a heavy traffic of people leaving for work. The passage was quick, about 5 minutes for each person.

At 5:30 the guests arrived. We are already used to the sights at the checkpoints, but for those who see it for the first time the experience is moving. During the hours we spent together I had the opportunity to describe in details the range of our activity. I was asked quite a number of questions to which I replied to the best of my ability. Everything was photographed and recorded, and I assume we shall meet part of the things that were said when the book will appear.


07:30 We left then the queues became very short. The "humanitarian" gate was opened late, but was active most of the time we were present there.


I was invited for breakfast in order to continue our conversation, and we parted at about ten o'clock.