Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Rachel W. and Ruti T. (Reporter) Marcia Lebeau, Translation

15:15, Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint

Rachel picked up Ali and his mother at Rambam Hospital and I joined them in Yokniam.  We are happy to report to our friends in the North that Ali’s walking has very much improved and he doesn’t need help now.

The parking lot and the length of hundreds of meters on the side of the road from the checkpoint east of Barta’a, is filled with cars.  We returned to the upper parking lot (at the seamline zone) and went down to the terminal by the enclosed path (sleeveinfo-icon).  Next to the carousel, we were greeted by a rainstorm and wind.  Inside the terminal renovation work was being done:  they are covering the cement floor with ceramic stone (!).  The gate, opposite, is open and the workers work in bursts of strong wind.  We tried to film a short film but the security guard at the place forced us to destroy it.  Many workers arrive; those from Israel pass through quickly because they don’t have to pass any document inspection; the others are stuck in front of the only inspection machine (among three).  The security guard says that everything is “under control.”  After 15 minutes, three of the machines are working and the passage functions almost without delay.


16:10, Tura-Shaked


A young woman passes through by foot from the West Bank to the seamline zone and is picked up after a few minutes by a car that passes an easy inspection at the checkpoint.  It is very cold.  At 16:20 we leave.