Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Rachele H., Noa L. (Reporter). Marcia L., Translation


Tura-Shaked, 07:25 –08:00

At this hour, the traffic is at its heaviest, especially from the West Bank to the seam line zone, and it flows without delays.  Despite this, people tell us that the checkpoint opened at 07:00 and not at 06:00, as promised.  We spoke with those who passed through and also with a reserve soldier at the checkpoint, who became interested in us.  There is some improvement; today the cars continue straight for their drivers’ inspection.  Until now, drivers had to stop before the checkpoint, walk to the personal check, return to their cars and drive them to the car inspection.  By the time we left, everyone had already passed through.

The trash lies around for the winds to play with. (The real face of the Occupation.


Reihan-Barta’a, 08:10 – 08:40

Here also the traffic volume is at its height.  The parking lots are almost full.  At the terminal three windows are open and the passage is quick.  Those who exit tell us that “Everything is OK. On the Sabbath, most of the passage is quick with no delays.”  Also, from in opposite direction, from the seam line zone to the West Bank, the machines work and the passage is quick.

We met K. again, who is still waiting for his prohibition to be dropped so he would be able to work in Israel.


It is a wintry day as the forecast has promised. The almond trees bloom in the West Bank - certainly they are awake; nature never disappoints.  For years we observe the eternal change of seasons on the way to the checkpoints, which are the handiwork of humans and should not be allowed to become eternal.