Chana S., Ronit D. (Reporting); Translation: Ayala S.

We arrived at the Qalandiya CP at 5:15 - a cold and grim morning. People warming up around bonfires. A group of people praying welcomed us near the entrance headed to Qalandiya. As usual, the people made way for us and we crossed through. Surprisingly, there were hardly any lines. However, there was filth all over the place. Apparently, this is the result of the sanitation unit strike. The begele and cake vendors told us that the strike was on for some time. Some folks claimed that the strikers were  municipality employees, though we had in the past seen these cleaners clad in vests inscribed "civil administration of Judea and Samaria". No matter, the strike is not municipal as it was cleaner at the other side and in other areas (even at Shua'afat) as well.




At any rate, the were no lines. Five checking-posts were functioning. A soldier came through to smoke and greeted us with "good morning". He thanked us for drawing his attention to the fact that he could let through even more people and  opened the turnstiles to facilitate their passage. All arrivals passed through at once. A policeman arrived at 5:30 and left shortly thereafter. The soldier occasionally directed people by means of his loudspeaker to appropriate checking posts.


At 6:00 we crossed back - it took no longer than five minutes and we were out before dawn.


Shu'afat CP:  It was early so we decided to cross through by car. It took about quarter of an hour. The border policemen were surprised to see us: You're Jewish, so what are you doing here?. They never heard about Machsomwatch.. We explained what we were doing at the CPs and that we had already been to Qalandiya. Our IDs were returned and we crossed through quickly.