Natania G., Martin (Guest from Poland), Maya, L. (Reporter); Translation: Marcia L.

We arrived at the area, which was almost empty, at 05:30.

Everyone who arrived passed through with no waiting.

We guessed that the paucity of those who passed through was due to the severe weather, even though some of the workers with whom we spoke said that they work in a building and are working today because they are pouring concrete.


The area is so filthy that it is shocking.  The parking area is also filthy.  One of the bathrooms is open and the other is locked.  We discovered today for the first time that the key to the bathroom that is locked, is with the coffee/tea vendor, who says that it is with him so that women and children can enter (the bathroom) and find it clean.


Under the awning (covering) of the area, only three neon lights are on, something that increases the feeling of neglect.  We don’t know who is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance.  In answer to our question, the policeman answered that is the job of the Palestinian Coordination Office.  We left the place before 07:00.