Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Nili Magid, Hagit Bak (reporting and photographing); Translator: Charles K.

Meitar crossing.  The parking lot is crowded with laborers…everything appears fairly normal.

Highway 60.  Fog, you can barely see three feet ahead, almost all the entrances to and exits from the villages and towns are open, no soldiers.  The pillboxes overlook us.

There are things not even the occupation can destroy – the almond trees are blooming.





There are things the Hebron settlers keep doing…





There are things the soldiers keep doing…

Reimpose checkpoints, a new one up at Tel Rumeida to guard houses which Palestinians left because of harassment…and which settlers want to buy and occupy…





Or detain a Palestinian woman in the fog and inspect her (below Giv’at Ha’avot)



This has to stop.