'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Jalama, Tura-Shaked

Zafrira Z., Neta G. (reporting)


13:50 Jalameh checkpoint

We took parents and their child, after an operation at Rambam Hospital, to the checkpoint. Agricultural workers were beginning to return from their work at this hour.

Construction in the checkpoint area.  Apparently the parking lot is being enlarged.


14:40  Turah-Shaked checkpoint

Several mothers and children pass from the West Bank into the seamline zone, enter cars that collect them.  The garbage container is still overflowing and garbage is scattered around it.


15:00  ‘Anin checkpoint

About 20 people and 5 tractors are waiting to pass – and who doesn’t arrive? The Army. Someone tells us that there is some action going on to find a lawyer to help make sure the daily opening of the checkpoint is on time and also to get an additional gate that would  provide easier access to fields which are distant from the checkpoint.


Another person complains that his son has been denied an agricultural permit for two years now. We refer him to the Centre for the Defence of the Individual.  At 15:10 We phoned the District Coordination Office to ask why soldiers had not arrived. At 15:20 we were told that soldiers were on their way and that ”they have other things to do.”


15:30 The soldier tells us that there are new soldiers who don’t know the procedures. They arrived at 15:40. They are new. Their weapons are drawn. They open the first and middle gatesinfo-icon. The locals remind them to open the third, bottom, one.


Passage is quick.  A Palestinian with two donkeys stand next to the shed. The soldiers want us to ask the man why he doesn’t go through.  He is from the tents at the foot of the checkpoint.

The soldiers wait. They know that someone else is coming.  At 4 o’clock he arrives with his tractor and passes through.


16:10 Barta’a-Reihan checkpoint, seamline zone side.

  Crowds of workers return from work at this hour.  Most work in Israel and do not need to to have their permits checked.  Two positions are open for those who need to have their permits stamped.

Few pass into the seamline zone.


Two young women wait for their friend.  They are from West Barta’a, and have Israeli identity cards.  Their friend is from East Barta’a, with a Palestinian identity card, married to a man from Jenin, where she lives. She needs a permit to visit her family at her birthplace. Her permit has expired and at present she doesn’t pass. 


16:30 - we do not wait to see if she crosses and leave the checkpoint.  Lots of workers are still arriving.  Three children run to the slide next to the Israeli parking lot and slide once or twice before being called to the family car.  One man complains about the crowded conditions on the Palestinian side.  He is right.