Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Rochele H., Noa L. (reporting)


Turah – Shaked  07:30-08:00

On the road to the checkpoint we saw groups of people who have gone through the checkpoint and were on their way to work in the seam zone.  At the checkpoint there was no queue.  Pedestrians and vehicles passed without delay.  Everyone was polite and friendly, as usual.


Barta’ah – Reihan  08:10-08:45

Everything was crowded – the parking lots, the waiting taxis,  and the people waiting for transport. At the terminal only one window was open, but there was no queue and passage was swift. We timed 5 minutes per pass. People exiting reported that today everything was moving quickly.


We met K., who is still waiting for an answer regarding his permit refusal.  Apparently, the contractor who had given  him a letter asserting that he was ready to employ him is not sufficiently “serious.”


We also met Mari and her father Amgad, waiting for transport to Um-el-Fahem, for physiotherapy.