Beit Furik, Huwwara, Tue 5.2.08, Morning

Yael P., Nurit W., Rahel A. (reporting)

Translation: Hanna K.


A routine day. No special events.

At Za'tara/Tapuah:

8 cars coming from the West, 23 from the North

08:00 Beit Furik:

Very few cars waiting. Few passers-by. We don't approach the checking post, but it does not seem that the soldiers create special problems. An officer from the DCO comes up to talk to us, very pleasantly.

08:30 Huwwara:

Few passers-by. Almost no cars entering. Their number is considerably smaller than at the same time last year. The market on the parking lot is growing slowly but steadily.

About 10-20 people are waiting. There is one checking post and one humanitarian post. The CP commander D. comes to exchange a few words with us. He is polite and positive. It seems there are no special problems today.

A Christian family from Ramallah - a mother and two daughters with crosses on their necks - stops to chat with us.  They tell us that at X-Mas they were in Israel, in Tel Aviv. They greet us and express their hope for peace.

10:00 At the Burin/Yitzhar junction there is no CP.

At Za'tara/Tapuah very few cars are waiting.