N.B. R. E. A.K. and a new watcher T.S.

On arriving to Tantur we saw 2 border police soldiers at the
entrance to Beit Tzafafa and another jeep down the road in the
village. By the jeep were 6 women detained, they said they have no
ID. We tried to convince the soldiers to let them go. At the
beginning they said no, but when it started raining they let them

The women said they were more men detained in the village so we
split into 2 groups. Ruti and Amy went to the checkpoint 300. A
long line of cars going south and a long line of pedestrians going
north. A woman at the end of the line fainted. The soldiers went to
try and help and after a short while a red crescent ambulance
arrived and took the woman.

20 detaineesinfo-icon were being led into a small room to shelter from the
rain. Their ids taken to be checked. A few minutes later 30 more
Palestinians were being let, chaperoned by a jeep and some
soldiers, from Beit Tzafafa. We waited for a while but nothing
happened so we drove south on road 60 promising ourselves to come

There was military presence at Etzion , Beit Omer and Halhul. No
special events. We asked the bus drivers at Halhul if they got the
bus permits. 6 buses got permits and other just a piece of paper
stating they asked for a permit. Some time they are let through the
CP with this paper, sometimes not. We took one of the drivers phone
#. maybe one of the next shift will be able to join him at the

Back at CP 300, all 50 detainees were still there(it was already 3
hours). we gave some of the Moked card but were not allowed to have
contact with them. Nora called Magav commander in Bethlehem, but he
was not helpful.

So Nora called the moked. The officer at the CP asked for our id,
he was annoyed at our phone calls. We left at 9:30. detainees still
there. About an hour after we left the Moked said they were