T.S., Ch. B., N.E., S. A.

There is a very long queue in Kalandia but a person doesn't have to
wait for

more than 15 mn. A young man with a permit from the 22nd of Sept.
and valid

till the 15th of Dec. was not allowed to pass through. The reason
was a new

rule given on the 7th of Oct. which cancelled all the permits given
on Sept.

(??). This was announced on the radio and press. The man lives in
Bet Tsurik

and works in a bank in Ramallah - he passes everyday through

checkpoint - today he won't be able to reach his home. He told us
that he

tried twice to get a new permit in Bet El but when he saw the long
queue of

people waiting and because he couldn't be out of work for a long
time - he

just gave up. We called the matak and the humanitarian moket but we

succeed helping the man. At the checkpoint itself - children and
old people

aren't allowed anymore to go through "New Jersey" - and
have to stand in the

queue as everyone else. Amir, the commander of the checkpoint and
two of

hhis soldiers stood at "New Jersey" to prevent people
from passing through.

Amir who was here last week and was much more comprehensive and
patient with

the Palestinians was very rude today. Near the cars' checkpoint a

said to us that he would give up all these checkpoints and would
let them

all pass through.

A-Ram: the last weeks we can see more and more groups of detaineesinfo-icon

for the magavs to check their documents.

We could feel the stress and the anger at Kalandia and A-Ram -
people are

hungry and tired - they only want to go home to their families to
break the