Ar-Ram. Qalandiya, Surda,

R. El-R., H. A., Y. E.

Ar-Ram: Smooth passage of pedestrians and vehicles. Many pupils on
their way to their school buses.

Qalandiya: The usual scene of many people hurrying north. At the
north - a long queue which took not more than 10 minutes probably.
Pupils, including the little ones, are made to stand in line with
the grown ups. At a certain point they jump over the concrete block
dividing the lines and pass quickly. Later pupils were allowed to
pass from the so called New Jersey's. The decision where to let
them pass, was up to the checkpoint commander.

Surda: The same shocking scene of hundreds of people on foot in
both directions. Many horse carts carry people along the 1 1/2 km
for one shekel each. No army to be seen. An additional mound in the
middle did not prevent taxi drivers from risking it and driving at
a supersonic speed in both directions. In other words - back to