N. E., E. Y. A. K.

As we approached the wall we didn't see any jeeps or

border police soldiers. The transits man said they're

either upstairs or near the gas station along the

street towards Jerusalem. Up, near the ex-wicket

(pishpesh), there're children and grownups climbing

over the wall undisturbed. No border police soldiers to


We drove towards Jerusalem and met a foot patrol of

'magav' soldiers. The soldiers are stopping only some

of the cars and letting the other go. A driver is

asked to stop and show his licenses. The soldier

to give him a ticket for not putting on his seatbelt

but eventually lets him go without a ticket.

In one of the transits there's a young man without

identity cards. The driver didn't know the guy

have a pass authorization and a short confrontation

takes place between them. The driver slaps the young

man. When the jeeps that the soldiers called for

the man arrive, the young man is being taken for

questioning and the driver's keys are being taken.

get a ticket (four soldiers feeling in one report.).

In the jeep that arrived to pick up the young man

there're two more detaineesinfo-icon, among them a young girl

without a passing authorization. She says she's been

detained since 6:30 in the morning and that the

transit driver who took her is being confiscated of

his car. We managed to ask her for her name and call

the humanitarian center (the 'moked') even though the

soldiers wont let anyone talk to us.

Before we leave, we give the girl and the transit

driver a card of the Humanitarian center.