A. K., E.Y. & S. B.

There were quite a few soldiers along the wall. Two soldiers were
standing near the gas station, a few men stood waiting for their
ID's which were returned about ten minuets after we arrived.

Near the monastery two soldiers, who seamed to be new at the job,
watched as young people climbed over the gate. They only let young
people cross over but one woman who could see their embarrassment
insisted on climbing over. The woman asked them if they had a
mother and was this the way they would have liked to see her
treated? The soldiers let her go.

Two more soldiers stood at the hotel with two detaineesinfo-icon and we
could see two more patrolling the hill to the south.

Where the "pishpash" used to be people were passing by

When we returned to the gas station a few more men were waiting for
their ID's. when we left, after about half an hour, they were still