Wadi Nar, Abu Dis

Y.J-L., O. K., M.R.

7:00: we arrived at the container by way of Kedar. Free passage for
all kinds of vehicles and pedestrians!

Two BPs below. One of them was not wearing an identity tag and
refused to identify himself at Ora's request.

Students and adults arrive at the machsom on donkies. A woman
accompanying her children to transportation at the machsom related
that they live in Beit Awad, about half a kilometer east of the
machsom (an area visible from the machsom: a few houses and trees).
The vehicle transporting the students is not permitted to collect
them near their homes and they must go by foot. What will happen in
winter when there is rain?

Machsom Ma'ale Adumim -

On our way to Wadi Nar, we saw a long line of vehicles. On our way
back the line had vanished. The machsom was manned by BP who
checked only some of the vehicles and pedestrians. We didn't see
any delays or refusals.

Beit Phagi, the former "pishpash" (may it rest in peace).
No presence of BP.

Gas station at Abu Dis -

Five soldiers (with no identification tags!), one on the roof, four
beneath. A jeep standing in the middle of the road, east of the
wall, for a long time.

Ten people delayed at the stop, some of them claim that they have
been there 3-4 hours. We are not allowed to speak with them.
Michaela called Safdi and the Hotline. After half an hour, a jeep
arrives (552-22) in which is an officer (2 "felafels")
and his name is Revi'a (perhaps called by Safdi?). He treats us
with respect, tells us that a secret operation is in progress
"from above" and he can't speak with us very much, and
this is the reason for the delays. That is, we didn't actually see
any sign of an operation in Wadi Nar, the machsom of Ma'ale Adumim
or A-Zaim. On the contrary, at Beit Phagi and the former
"pishpash" the movement was quite lively. We left at
about 9:30, before the delayed people were released.

When we reached the gas station we met 3 busloads of French people.
Ora explained the situation to them in brief and about our
activity. They promised to speak about it on their return to