R.M., J.S., R.R. & guest

We arrived at 6:30 a.m. and at first glance seemed there were no
problems. After a few moments a man approached us and told us his
i.d. had been taken (orange) even though had a permit for working
in Israel. It turned out that his permit had expired and was issued
one that was a copy of the new permit. The soldier would not accept
this. Fortunately the contractor he knew was someone I work with on
occasion and I immediately called him to confirm the story about
the permit. The worker is totally legal and the contractor spoke to
the soldier and assured him of the same. After a while he was given
back his i.d. and allowed to enter b ut was told that if he did not
have the original permit tomorrow he would not be allowed to cross.
After that a group of men were detained and told to go back. R.