Around 14:00, about half an
hour before we arrived, gas was tossed across the wall, both
opposite the gas station and up the hill towards the mosque.

There was, our informants say, no provocation whatsoever,
but the BP said there was stone throwing near the mosque. 5-6
Palestinians have been waiting for a while for their IDs. The BPs
claim they are waiting for clearance. The cards are returned
minutes after our questioning. No one is allowed to go over the
wall. The soldiers are strict and irritable. A commander comes by
in a jeep. We ask him about the gas tossing. He says usually he
needs to give approval for it, unless he cannot be reached in real
time, as happened today. Right now, he said, there is a hot warning
about a suicide terrorist on his way, and they can let no one go
toward Jerusalem. About midway on the road up to the hotel, three
BP soldiers were waiting their catch. Some 30 young Palestinians
(students?), who crossed over the wall by the hotel, were walking
down toward the gas station. All had blue IDs. They were stopped by
the three soldiers, and not allowed to proceed. One of the soldiers
was holding a gas canister on the ready. After we made some calls,
the commander arrived and let some twenty of them go their way, and
sent the soldiers to go block the opening in the wall.

Sawahre: about 50 detaineesinfo-icon, some were detained going
north, but mostly going south. About half of them got their IDs
soon after we arrived. the rest did not get it while we were still
around, despite our attempts.