Early morning. No curfew today. The usual sights of people jumping
over the wall next to the gas station and higher up on the way to
the hotel. Border policemen checking, with more or less the
"ordinary criteria' being applied. No one around the hotel
area, but border police jeeps going once in while up and down the
hill, randomly checking those crossing the wall. Some people with
permits issued before 7.10, but valid otherwise, were turned back.
Various people told us that the day before in late afternoon when
people were walking home after the Ramadan prayer at the nearby
mosque, tear gas was tossed over the wall.

Later, several younger men were told to wait against the
wall next to the gas station while their IDs were being checked.
Soon after they were told to go up to the hotel area, where 17 men
between from 20 to late 40's were told to sit. Two BPs were
interrogating each personally and making them sign a form admitting
they had been found without a permit and would be jailed if it
happened again. They got their IDs back some time later, but were
not allowed to cross over to Abu Dis.