Reasonable morning and
relatively easy shift. Nevertheless a difference between the two
checkpoints because of the number and behaviour of the soldiers.
Regulations today: Passage permitted to students, all sorts of card
holders, men and women under 16 and above 35, all people presenting
any medical document, others according to the soldiers judgment.

Beit Furik: 2 soldiers checking both directions They
refused to talk to us Over 100 people waiting Separate lanes for
men and women. Captain E. from the DCO stopped by briefly, but was
also defensive and uncooperative. Provision delivery trucks, one
going to buy gas and the other delivering cheese, were waiting for
over one and half hours. The soldiers wouldn't or couldn't find the
time to check them. They eventually passed. 5 detaineesinfo-icon were
brought to the northern side, out of our reach.

Huwwara: About ten soldiers, including women. A large
crowd packed in a small space, but the soldiers were pleasant and
efficient, so people passed quickly and nobody was denied Holders
of certain addresses were warned about not being able to return
from Nablus, and indeed a couple chose not to continue. Very few
vehicles and one ambulance passed with no delay at all. No water
provided on either checkpoint.