'Anata, Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Thu 13.3.08, Morning

Yael Y., Shira V. (reporting)
07:00 Wadi Nar

In general, the nature of the checkup is randomal. Most cars went through without being checked, and the minority (most of them vehicle that carry passengers - vans, taxis and the like) are being detained and released within minutes, except of the case that will be described in the following passage.  Most of them are requested just to present a document of the driver while still on the road, and this checkup takes a short time too and does not stop the traffic.

When we arrived there were  two vans detained, heading north and one van heading south. A young man was pulled out of one of those heading north, was taken to the shed and was put in a sort of a small room, in a prefabricated building, and he watched out through a small barred window. 

 According to the driver he is a young Palestinian policeman, originally from Jenin, stationed in Beit Lehem, and the passengers say that he is being detained and arrested all the time. Twnety minutes later, and only after we pulled out a video camerainfo-icon and documented the locked up guy pipping through the bars, one of the soldiers, presenting himself as the DCO representative, approached us. He said that they are waiting for the answer of the GSS about his release.

A few minutes later, and about half an hour after his jailing, he was released, but the documents of all the passengers of the van were laying on the table in the shed, and were not released. Fifve minutes later we approached to find out what happening, and were told that they will release the van within a few minutes. A quarter of an hour later, and about fifty minutes since the van was detained, we saw that they got a phone call in the shed, and then the van was sent on its way and drove northwards, the yound detained man inside.

During those fifty minutes one soldier was shouting rudely at the passengers to return into the van, among them there was an older woman who approached him and tried to explain to him that she does not feel well, but he ignored her and told her to enter the van as well.

08:30 Anata

The place is quiet. The traffic is thin and flowing.

08:45 Olive Terminal

A very thin traffic of people. Waiting time is not long (we timed 12 minutes for a man who entered with a group of people and emerged a few minutes after the group). An elderly couple that arrived at the checkpoint did not get to the other side while we were there. It might be that they were not allowed to go through and had to  return.