Ar-Ram: quite active traffic but it
flows smoothly. A feeling of great pressure in Qalandya and Jaba’a.
Lots of traffic. Soldiers at Qalandya north OK with the
Palestinians, not really nice to us. After w left for Jaba’a (a
cousin of Arafat a taxi driver himself said that the checkpoint is
harsh there) we heard that they closed Qalandya just after we had

Jaba’a - a very a long line of cars. Each car is checked at least
five minutes, Blue Police checks also whether the steering wheel
works OK. No explanation could be given to us. People are asked to
turn back before they even get to the checkpoint, the commander
says because they got off the taxis and they should wait in line in
the taxi, but then they let a woman pass, "it is according to
the soldier’s intuition whether or not she got off the taxi".
"No it is not arbitrary" is the response to our
statement, "it is his professional work".

Back in Qalandya the checkpoint seems as open as it was when we
left it, but on the way in the taxi a woman tells us about a young
man who was handcuffed yesterday in Qalandya and beaten. We gave
her the Moked card for future reference.