6:30, checkpoint 300. Curfew in
Bethlehem, the Israeli army is expected to pull out of there in
about 10 hours. Many people on the grounds of Tantur, heading
towards Jerusalem. A few were trying to make it through the wadi.
East of the checkpoint, a bulldozer was at work, preparing the new
road to Har Homa. 2 or 3 transits are waiting for passengers to
Jerusalem. A border policeman warns them not to take anyone who
evaded the check. As usual, there is a single lane for checking
vehicles, a car from each direction in turns. Some 30 people at the
pedestrian line to Jerusalem, moving very slowly, but we can't
really see from close what is going on. The commander firmly asked
us to leave immediately. When we asked why, he became very
unpleasant and threatened to call the police, and we left. A
transit with some 6 physicians and medical workers, all with proper
permits, was let through to Jerusalem, to be stopped, a few minutes
later, by a border police jeep, IDs taken, and ordered to return.
We made a call, and the group got its papers back and went through.
Around 7:30 a jeep full of parachutists, from a religious unit
arrived to reinforce the checkpoint soldiers. 3 of them tried to
stop 3 women who went around the checkpoint and emerged some tens
of meters north of it. The women were determined to get on and the
soldiers, somewhat embarrassed, kept pushing them

Al-Khadr, 8:30. Buses parked along the main road. They bring people
who proceed from there by taxis.