'Anata, Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Thu 13.3.08, Afternoon

Debora G., Daphna S. (reporting)
15:00 the container

There are two BP Jeeps and a big number of policemen at the place.  Every document is taken and being checked inside one of the Jeeps. When we asked about it we got the explanation that there is a GSS-Police-Army action at the place: they look for suspects, expecially among the students who come or return. There is a big group of detaineesinfo-icon down the road.

The traffic flows despite the checkings. The commander of the checkpoint who gave us explanations and reasons for the big number of security people in the checkpoint approaches us and asks us to evacuate the place, since an operational activity of the forces is about to take place, and he said that we can return later on or tomorrow...

We kept on to Anata, and as usual at this time of day there is a big number of vehicles leaving the town.  Every car is being checked. We did not see more security forces than on other times that we had been there lately.