Today there is a curfew, as there was
yesterday and the day before. Just as we arrived some people,
including a boy, jumped from the wall, making it to Beit Tzafafa.
They were lucky. Minutes later a soldier took position on the
promenade, where he could see all movement. The unlucky ones stayed
in Tantur. One was very upset that some people have permission to
pass, while he himself, with a permit and a magnetic card, is
detained. According to the DCO, during a curfew these cards are
insufficient. The line of pedestrians was very slow, and few could
pass. Michal spoke the checkpoint commander, D. After a long
conversation he opened a while and said that the stories that we
usually hear from the Palestinians are true, and even understgated.
He said that border policemen do many bad things, that the stories
from Hebron are only tip of the iceberg, and reality is much worse.
But he also said that the unit which investigates complaints
against the soldiers is friendly and forgiving, so the soldiers are
not really afraid of them. It was shocking to hear that from a
border police commander.

El-Khadr. Much movement from Hussan to El-Khadr and Bethlehem. In
the Cafe near the taxi station, where we visit weekly and hear the
stories of abuse, beatings, vandalism , and cigarette stealing, we
were happy to hear that for over 10 days nobody has coming to
harass them.