Qalandya checkpoint was relatively
quiet today. The line of pedestrians was very short. Most of them
were let through. The soldiers were quite efficient, and not rude
with the Palestinians. This is a new unit. There were several
problems, humanitarian and concerning women and children. All of
them were let through in the end. The commander, G., is patient,
speaks with the Palestinians and tries to explain the policy. There
was a long line of cars, but they were checked quickly. A driver
close to the checking location had been waiting for half an hour.
He crosses often, and said that today was a good day. Ambulances
were let through with a minimal check. A few lorry drivers told us
that they are not allowed to cross (from south to north) with cargo
like wood or plastic plates, etc. This seems a new regulation. G.
explains that only food and medicines are allowed. Other cargo has
to go through some other checkpoint.