Abu Dis, 0630 AM. Border policemen are
checking documents at the new gate. Two young men were jumping over
the concrete blocks. The border police, two men and a woman, were
screaming at young, very frightened Palestinian lad for not wearing
a helmet while driving his motorcycle, and eventually sent him

Wadi Nar, 0700. Three Border policemen at the top of the Wadi. A
long queue of cars, moving at varying speeds depending on whether
or not the soldiers already knew the drivers and knew that they had
permits. The Druze soldier in charge was quite nice, expressing
hope for peace, and explaining how important their job is. On the
way back to Abu-Dis, we heard various opinions about the peace
process. More than one person believes that peace is coming, and
within a few days, the blocks will be gone. We felt very sad
expecting yet another disappointment for them. On the way back to
town center, we saw border police and blue police checking
documents at the New Gate and also in the Prophets' street.