It is the day of the Aqaba summit, and
there are many warnings of possible terrorist

Checkpoint 300: 6:30 AM About 50 meters from the checkpoint, out of
sight, about 50 Palestinians (including 2 women) were held by 3
border policemen. As we arrived, the policewoman was yelling at a
Palestinian woman. The moment we approached, she stopped yelling
and was even friendly, and returned the photocopy of her ID. A jeep
approached, and we were asked to not disturb the soldiers (the
usual speech), but the soldier seemed to be carrying out a ritual,
since once said, he left us, to talk with the soldiers and the
female detaineesinfo-icon. The IDs were returned at about

El Khadr: No control at all. Our friend at the kiosk says that
during the last days it has been quiet. All the same, taxi drivers
reported the following incidents (note: this is just hearsay, we
didn't witness): 1. Many incidents at Wadi Nar. Policemen are said
to throw little stones at taxis. People are made to transfer from
the yellow taxis to the transits. 2. Near Michmash: Settlers threw
stones at taxis, even broke a front glass and hurt the driver. The
soldiers just shrugged their shoulders. 3. At El Khader: During the
closureinfo-icon, about 10 days ago, policemen came to the kiosks area and
told them to close and clear away. A very rude officer came
shouting and threatened to break everything. The front windows of
two kiosks were broken.