At Ar-Ram checkpoint around 3:45 there
were 2 detained Palestinians standing in the cell-like part of the
"hut" which houses the soldiers on duty. On our way back,
around 7 o’clock, they were gone (does not mean they were safe at
their home, we just don’t know). Pedestrians heading south were
checked by two soldiers pointing a sub machine gun(?) at

At Qalandya a little past 5 o’clock there were about 15 detaineesinfo-icon
caught at the quarry where they were trying to avoid the
checkpoint. Some said they have been waiting for over an hour to
get back their IDs. the next hunt at the quarry, around 6 o’clock,
when we were still there, seemed less successful: no one seems to
have been caught then. The checkpoint was very busy. a long line of
cars moved steadily but slowly. The wait for cars was at least one
hour. Ambulances in both direction went through after a short
check. There were many tens of pedestrians moving through in the
usual procedure handled by 3 or 4 volunteers.