Relatively few pedestrians and cars on
the roads (we know not why), which drastically shortens the queues
and the wait. On the western road parallel to Beit Hanina's main
road one border policeman was stationed. When we arrived three
detaineesinfo-icon were released, after half an hour of

At Qalandya we were approached by 3 volunteers, who asked how we
evaluate their mission. Michal Kafra's article was discussed in
depth, and opinions were divided. The volunteers were courteous and
polite, but this could not change the fact, that only people with
blue ID or valid permits could pass. The rules were followed
strictly -- perhaps this explains the small number of people trying
to pass? In one case we convinced the commander to make an
exception and let 2 cousins from Hebron who work in Ramallah
continue their way home. One of them was called back home to Hebron
because his father had fallen sick. Half an hour later a phone call
from the family of these men expressed their deep gratitude. Again
and again IDs are being confiscated and cannot be found when
claimed! We tried to trace such a case but unfortunately without
success. Tora Bora is active.