Abu Dis: 3 detaineesinfo-icon near the gas
station. Gate closed. We crossed the wall near the College,
climbing the wall as the Palestinians do.

Wadi Nar: Checkpoint is closed. Truck drivers said they were
waiting for 3 hours. The BP were polite and told us that nobody is
allowed to pass, there is a "tightening of the hold" -
new terminology for old reality. That we’re sorry for the
Palestinians, saying they prefer it when the checkpoint is open
(less work), but they obey orders. Then, a jeep with higher
officers arrived, demanding we keep 50 meters away. They scolded
the soldiers for talking to us. Garbage trucks with Palestinian
numbers were allowed to pass without any checking. But a truck
driver bringing his wife from the Nablus hospital home to Hebron,
was not allowed to pass, although he showed special permits
designating him as humanitarian case, and the soldiers had earlier
said that humanitarian cases are allowed to pass. A couple of phone
calls, and nearly an hour later, the man was allowed to pass.