The situation in this checkpoint
improved enormously ncomparison to two weeks ago, thanks to the
change of unit.

8 a.m. Two long lines of people, and in between them open passage
for people coming from North. We asked DCO to send more personnel.
After 15 minutes a DCO officer arrived and worked so efficiently
that by 9 o'clock the lines were very short. Women's passage and
old men was quick. The problem is men between 17 to 40. A 17-year
old boy was crying. He wanted to go to his final exams but we did
not managed to help him. A young man told us that he has not been
in Nablus for a year and just want to buy some clothes, but he had
no chance of passing. Another young man wanted to go for an
interview to get a teacher's position. He couldn't be helped to
cross. The DCO officer was very strict and implemented the
restrictions about young men to the letter, but his behavior, as
well as others', was very correct and even friendly sometimes. Two
Internationals were not allowed to pass North. They were told that
only diplomats are allowed to move around.