Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Wed 19.3.08, Afternoon

Rotem H., Maya B-H (reporting)


16:00 Container CP

We expected to see little traffic, because of the
closureinfo-icon imposed for the Purim holiday. But the CP looked much as usual.

An inquiry revealed that the closure applies to Jerusalem, but not to
Ma'ale Adumim. Workers working there passed as usual. When entering
through the Container CP they make their way through Al Ezariya, Abu Dis,
Sawahre, to Ma'ale Adumim.
The two of us, of course, got there thrugh the
much shorter road from Mt. Scopus through Azzayim to Ma'ale Adumim, and
then on through the road to Kedar till the Container CP.

The soldiers were friendly enough, and traffic moved in spurts, but still rapidly
enough. We had the impression, unverifiable, that our presence helped
release stopped vehicle queues, as well as pedestrians waiting at the

Olive Terminal

Here the closure is felt more, as this is a passage to
Western Jerusalem proper. The soldiers said no workers passed today, only
emergencies and humanitarian cases. We passed ourselves (all blue IDs can
do so), and some minutes later, passed back. OF course, if Israeli entry
into Al Ezariya were indeed prohibited, we would not have been allowed
back. But in fact, there was no such problem, which lends support to my
earlier interpretation of the role of the red sign at the eastern entrance
into Al Ezariya: it has not formal or legal validity, it is just an
attempt to keep the uninformed away.