Azzun, Qalqiliya, Sun 16.3.08, Afternoon

Rutie W.Z., Alix W. (reporting) Guest: Gilles

13:20 Qalqiliya

There are no vehicles entering Qalqiliya, a few from the city. The
Palestinian vehicles are mostly being waved in with little or no
check. The Israelis are being checked. Two cars being driven by
women are not allowed in, because of lack or improper

14:00 Azzun

Closed, when we pass later, at 17: 45 there is an army vehicle
standing at the closed entrance/exit of Azzun

14:09 Shvut Ami outpost

We see a white vehicle at the top of the dirt road near the house, I
can see a young woman there, in returning we see a young man with a
large white kippa and tzitzim, and there is also a large mound of
building sand outside of the house.

We didn't go to Jubara, A-Ras today, because we had to go to Huwwara.