Beit Iba, Tue 4.3.08, Morning

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Noga K, Elinoar B (reporting)

Beit Iba


The checkpoint commander A [Avi] approaches us and asks that
we talk only with him or the DCO representative, this before we've opened
our mouths at all. A [Azem] the DCO has just arrives and as usual asks if all
is well.

At the pedestrian entrance, all men are checked
thoroughly, IDs, sometimes bag as well. Still, no lines form. The students, who
are the bulk of the passers, save time by carrying their books in their hands.

At the exit from Nablus the magnometer beeps, the men come
out carrying their belts, sometimes shoes, keys, watch in their hands  -
they put them on outside, in the dust. Just like an airport, some people
claim. IDs that the last 4 digits come out on the "shortlist" are
checked vis-a-vis the computer.

Vehicular traffic on both sides is sparse. There is a
dog-handler, and random vehicles are checked by the dog. A private car, a taxi,
and then a horse-cart loaded with jeans from a sweat-shop is checked.
 The dog mounts the pile of clothes, sniffs, probably drools
as well.