Beit Iba, Tue 4.3.08, Afternoon

Yehudit K., Bruria R. (reporting) Trans. Judith Green

Beit Iba


At the vehicles' line there were more than 10 vehicles
waiting, most of them trucks.

There were 3 lines at the checkpoint:  one of them
humanitarian;  young men trying to pass through in this line were sent to the
beginning of the line, among them one who was escorting an injured person, who
was then forced to wait for him outside.  To his good fortune, he found someone
else who had just passed through the checkpoint to help him.  A young man who
went through this line with his parents, brothers and sister, was allowed to

The shed is not very full;  the lines reach about

A bus driver complained that he had been waiting a
long time for his passengers who were standing in line.  When we turned to the
commander about this he said that there was nothing to be done about it, they
had to wait and be inspected.  The lines were not expectionally long, but the
waiting time of about an hour is a long time for people hurrying home or to

At the end of our shift, 5 men were detained for
trying to skirt the line.