'Anata, Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Mon 17.3.08, Morning

Maya B., (reporting) Suzi G. (guest )
6:45 we arrive at Anatta. 

The traffic is  massive , mostly workers,  the pupils come after  7:15.  Some elderly women with no proper permit or blue I.D.  are sent back.  My intervention does not help  even though the two officers on duty are very  pleasent and  keeping it all calm. 

One BP  soldier  who got nervous  because a 6 year old boy touched his  gun  was immidiately calmed down by both the officer and us.    It all runs    fast and uneventful, despite last nights  wild attacks in Jebel  Mukaber. 

I decided to avoid Jebel Mukaber  today  and therefor  did not go to  Sheich Saed.  At  about  8:00 am  we drive to Wadi Nar  where things are very  smooth and no one is being detained or stopped.  Some cars are being looked into  and that is it.  There is  almost a friendly atmosphere.....