'Anata, Ar-Ram, Qalandiya, יום ה' 13.3.08, בוקר

Judy, E. Mili M. (reporting)

6.35: Ras Hamis: The gate was open, still very few children at this hour.

When we left Anata we saw 3 jeepsat Ras –hamis. But the passage of the children seemed uninterrupted.

6.40 Anata: A HUGE line of cars, honking desperately. About 10 soldiers and civil security people altogether. Every car is being checked. The pedestrians' passage is smooth.


7. 20 A-Ram: Smooth passage. No lines of cars in either direction. Pupils' bags are checked in the pedestrians' lines.


7.40 Qalandia. Hell. Only one turnstile is working. According to Dudu (in a phone conversation) the one that was broken last week was repaired and broke again and another one has broken down, too. Dudu also said that in the last few weeks the CP in Qibieh closed down and and people are stirred th Qalandia, which may explain the difficult situation that we encounter in the last few weeks.

The crowd at the external is quite big (for that hour), whenever the turnstile opens people push each other to get ahead, and climb over the turnstile. It took 35 (!) minutes to get through the external turnstile.

The line for women and students opened quite regularly. Many prisoners' families came a few minutes after eight and apparently will be let through only after the crowd dwindles – which happened at about 9.00, when we left.

As we approached the CP a physician from Augusta Vicotria stopped us and again told us about the difficulty to get to the hospital in less than an hour and a half.