Hamra, Tayasir, Wed 6.2.08, Afternoon

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Annina and Yehudit
Translation: Devorah K.
1300 Hamra CP
At this time of day workers are returning home from their day's work. Buses and pickup trucks are full and they go through to the West Bank within 10 minutes. In the opposite direction about 20 cars are waiting and more keep coming. From time to time one of them goes through to the Jordan Valley without any delay.
A man came up to us and told us that he is on his way to Ramallah and he prefers to go through at this CP and to travel on Road 90 via the Jiftlik (the long way round) rather than through the CPs of Hawwara or Beit Iba (the short way) because they are the worst of the CPs. Another person says that his friend has been detained for 20 minutes and he does not know why. When we tried to find out from the officer at the CP (a captain), we discovered that the detainee is a resident of Tamoun and they are not allowing him to go through because there is a security warning and because of the attack that took place in Dimona. He was not willing to say anything more.
In the meantime, many people go through in both directions.
Another fellow turns to us and shows us his ID, which is missing its detachable coupon; a few soldiers claimed that it was forged and tore it off. I went over to the soldiers to find out about this and they said that he had come without the coupon, and that is why they were trying to find out about him at headquarters. When they found out that he could go through they let him pass.
One of the soldiers added, "have you ever seen Arabs that tell lies? It just couldn't happen!" I asked him, "and have you ever see soldiers that tell lies?" He giggled. After about an hour all those who were waiting had gone through with no problems.

1420 Tyasir CP
Whe we arrived, an officer came up to us and introduced himself as the second in command of the company. He asked us if we need anything. From the rifle range we heard shots constantly.
The taxi driver, Taleb, passes by and waits for his passengers, who are going through the pedestrian shed. According to him, today everything is working ok, thank God. Another taxi driver came up to us and said, "Only today things are ok. Usually, everything is a mess."
A man arrives and asks about Daphna. He gave us a telephone number and asked that she call him.
15:20  We left.