'Anata, Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Mon 10.3.08, Morning

Rina R., Maya B. (reporting )
6:50  we arrive at the Anatta C.P  were the traffic is enormous.  Hundreds of children going to the different schools in  the  east Jerusalem area,  and people with blue I.D.s as  well.  No one with a green ID. 

The garbage piles are  staggering,  Doesn't  any  authority ever clean  that  area?  we hang around  about 40 minutes,  to see the  car  traffic.  A large number of BP  men and women  go through the cars fast  and there is constant movement.

No particular  events.

We go to Wadi Na'ar.  A number of shuttle taxies are  waiting for the  ID cards of their passengers to be returned. 

We see 9 detained men in the soldiers station.  We talk to the taxi drivers  to find out how long they are waiting.   We ask the soldiers how long the detainies are waiting.  The  cars including a Tnuva delivery truck,  who has an illegal passenger  as well  as the taxies,  about half an hour.  Some of the detanies  up to two hours.  We waited  a while  and  all except one young  men  are being released,  but they already lost a considerable part of their  work or study time . 

Most of the traffic goes by  undisturbed.  It is important to go to Wadi Na'ar every time.